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Sailing Off The Edge of The World

posted on: Aug 21 2019

Sailing Off The Edge of The World

originally published in 34THParallel Magazine


All my life I knew one day I’d sail off the edge of the world

Into the mouth of a smiling dragon

That’s me on that painted Medieval ship

Canvas billowing

Men pulling the ropes in terror


But the world is flat & the wind has its way

So here I come!


Why so much glee, Dragon?

You hungry for me?

I’m not so tasty

I will leave your tongue bitter

And you won’t smile then—


But I like your style and

Will take you on, if you

Open your mouth, douse the flame and blow


So, what do you say?

Let’s dump this scaredy-cat crew

And sail away, for a year and a day

Until the world turns round

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