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posted on: Jul 15 2019

Nina’s Dream

originally published in Lamplit Underground   NINA’S DREAM   The left eye’s pupil is sluggish I’m not sure how much you can really see Please cover your right eye Now your left And, between the two?   One clear, the other distorted One gives green only, the Other, red & green   Like Christmas?   [Each sighs, takes a moment]   Please continue   One...

posted on: Mar 14 2019

Politically Correct

originally published in Feminine Collective Who may tell her story? Who has earned the right? What if she’s come and gone? Has no tongue, no eyes, no hands? Must one wear her skin, eat from her bowl Fight nightmare’s demons on her sleeping mat just to feel the Rhythm of her heart? Aren’t...

posted on: Jan 30 2019

A Survey of The Female Experience

originally published in Feminine Collective   The rib never fit And the apple had worms Fig leaves are for fools shaming the Triangle of life   Caves sheltered as long as you brought Down your share, felled by points you Chiseled by the hour, in between Sewing skins and putting the baby To your breast— Migrations, snow,...

posted on: Dec 04 2018


originally published in Wilde Boy   two little circles below her elbow reach for her porcelain hand on different planes as if the arm had been held and gently turned - as if the one who touched his lit cigarette to her skin felt a bit of whimsy as he considered which spot to kiss...

posted on: Jul 10 2018

Six Poems – Collectively Entitled “Earth’s Love”

originally published in Issue 1 of Crow Literary Journal, Summer 2018       EARTH'S LOVE   earth’s love is stronger than sky’s paling the starlight, blanking the moon damp soil, arched ferns, and the mossed limbs of nurse logs swallow the gears of thought   branches drip from last night’s rain all is wet and soft living...

posted on: Jan 25 2018

Three Poems

originally published January 1, 2018 in Volume 3, Issue 1 of MockingHeart Review   Deluge The white horse grays in the deluge Beneath of the limbs of an evergreen The red-handed woman waves me down She wears no coat against the cold, her rubber sandals Are what you slip on to fetch...

posted on: Jul 08 2017


Find me deep in this cave Dusted with time Pull my bones from the earth   Arrange them with care Grant them nakedness beneath the animal hide Despair of their silence, all those secrets withheld   Examine my paintings by electric light Dream them by the flicker of fire   Look closely at the hand Pressed there...

posted on: Jun 03 2017


Clouds converge Suspended Oblivious No rush to rearrange Slow and easy in a Dreamy drift All my talk of storm Ignored Electric words, just noise Now wait And watch the violet sky Fall Crush And grind until Every tender piece Breaks, drifts away Borne aloft by a rush of wind                            ...