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New Fiction

posted on: Oct 10 2018

Moonlight On The Bay

originally published in O: JA&L As the rain got heavier, people moved inside. When the annual Art Walk was held in good weather, everyone stayed out and enjoyed the spring twilight. Last year’s mild temperature and clear skies meant poor sales. Tonight, just about every place...

posted on: Oct 07 2018


originally published in The Slag Review   More trees in the mountains went up, and the firelight was yellower than the day before. He called it the color of dry sand. The sun reddened, as if not in anger, but in grief. Who wouldn’t mourn? Homes lost,...

posted on: Jul 16 2018

How She Was Found

originally published in The Useless Degree & later included in the story collection, By The Wayside, published by Unsolicited Press   Fiona was a mouse. Everyone said so. As a child she’d been bookish, lonely, with little to contribute conversation-wise. Her brother, Finn, was outgoing, popular, now the...

The Amendment by Anne Leigh Parrish
posted on: Mar 03 2018

The Amendment – Chapter One

    Coming June 2018, from Unsolicited Press     chapter one   At first, Lavinia thought Mel was joking. Mel was never not joking. That rubber snake in the freezer last Christmas, during their annual open house. Her husband, Chip, knew he'd put it there. He also knew how Lavinia felt...

posted on: Feb 13 2018

The First Time

originally published in New Pop Lit Do you remember the first time? How the light from that candle seemed to brighten even as the rain fell harder against the pane? It was our first night away together, and the thrill of the cheat was offset by our guilt....

posted on: Feb 08 2018

Good Boy

originally published in Sand Hill Review   Of course, he hadn’t meant to. No man in his right mind would utter the name of a former lover while having sex with his wife. Diane paused for the briefest moment after he whispered, “Nina.” She must have heard. Why else...

posted on: Oct 03 2017


    Originally published in New Pop Lit SHELTER The party was at Jackson’s place, at the end of an unpaved road, on the eastern tip of the island. In good weather, it was a forty-five-minute drive from town. The weather wasn’t good. The rain had fallen for three days, sometimes turning lighter, even...

posted on: May 17 2017

“What Nell Dreams”

originally published in Squawk Back On Monday it’s about a horse. The eyes are remarkably kind, shy, even flirty under their thick veil of lashes. She looks at Nell from the side, sticking her large soft muzzle over the fence to nudge at her outstretched hand....

posted on: Jan 03 2017

Bree’s Miracle – from BY THE WAYSIDE

Purchase here BREE’S MIRACLE Bree had a female complaint. Bad periods, I mean this girl could really bleed. Started at age eleven, would probably be pushing sixty when she quit, lots and lots of Advil on board, not to mention all the Kotex she could run through in...