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blue obsidian

posted on: Aug 30 2021

blue obsidian

originally published in Full House Literary Magazine



blue obsidian


things of beauty please the eye

paperweights & polished blocks of lapis & malachite

a small crystal vase with silk roses—pink

my favorite, though i don’t care for fake flowers


this place isn’t for me


he puts a silver giraffe in my hand

because i grew tall early

& the teasing i took fell like black rain


dust motes float in angled light

no rain here


what does he want, this

curator of his own cluttered greed?


i put the giraffe next to a porcelain girl

in a wide skirt—my skirt, & she didn’t

ask to borrow it


so much taking in the world


yet here’s this man, pressing something

else on me, a smooth stone

he calls blue obsidian


more inspiring than any other color, he says

it can lift & fill the sky

just like you

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