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posted on: Aug 04 2015

Overcoming Writer’s Block

originally published August 3, 2015 in Prose We’ve all had it, that moment when nothing comes to mind. Our words stare back at us, asking to be fleshed out, continued, fulfilled, and we can do nothing to help them. Our protagonist has gotten herself stuck firmly...

posted on: Jul 11 2015

When It’s Time To Move On And Abandon Your Novel

WHEN IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON AND ABANDON YOUR NOVEL originally published July 9, 2015 in Prose  Leonardo Da Vinci said,“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” This is true for every short story I ever wrote, whether it was published, or not. The published pieces, upon subsequent...

posted on: Jul 03 2015

Tips on Getting Feedback

  Originally appeared in Women Writers, Women's Book, July 2nd, 2015 Writers hear it all the time – connect with your reader. Give the reader what he wants. Manager her expectations. Don’t confuse them. Surprise them. Keep them interested. These are all worthy goals, but they’re after the...

posted on: Jun 27 2015

Career or Calling? Thoughts on the Writing Life, by Anesa Miller

Today I'm pleased to host Anesa Miller as she shares her thoughtful essay, "Career or Calling? Thoughts on the Writing Life." Anesa's debut novel, Our Orbit is now available from BookTrope. Buy links appear at the bottom of this page. Nine-year-old Miriam Winslow never wore new...

posted on: Jun 10 2015

Keeping The Flame Lit

originally published in Women Writers, Women's Book June 4, 2015  Writing is hard work. We all know that, right? We take an idea, move it along, push it this way, that way, leave it alone, return to it, and sometimes scratch it altogether. Once we’ve got...

posted on: Jun 02 2015

Why I Write – Lawrence Parlier

I'm always inspired by how other writers find their way. I asked my friend and colleague, Lawrence Parlier, to share his story with me. Lawrence's debut novel, Sierra Court Blues, was published in 2013. Read my review here.       Why I Write (Or the unintended consequence of loquaciousness)   I’ve...

posted on: May 25 2015

The Homemade Book Tour

Once upon a time, writers wrote books, got them published, and were deliriously happy! Not anymore. Now, along with being deliriously happy, authors must do a number of things to get their book in front of readers, quite often at their own expense. These include...

posted on: Apr 28 2015

How Should Writers Deal With Rejection?

originally published in Writer's Bone No one likes getting rejected. It hurts, it’s annoying, and it can really wreck a decent day. Writers get rejected a lot so if writing is your dream, realize that it’s inevitable. Here are some things to keep in mind to...

posted on: Apr 01 2015

Reviews – A Game Of Give And Take

    Originally published in Women Writers, Women's Books, March 28, 2015 We all know how much the world of publishing has changed in the last few years. The gatekeepers have been swept away by self-publishing. Anyone can write a book, and offer it for sale on Amazon....