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posted on: Aug 29 2017

On Writing the Secrecy and Shame of Women

  This article originally appeared August 23, 2017 in Book Riot In the middle of my life, I learned that two women I was close to kept deep secrets. At my mother-in-law’s funeral, an old friend of hers approached to tell my husband that he had a...

posted on: Jul 08 2017


Find me deep in this cave Dusted with time Pull my bones from the earth   Arrange them with care Grant them nakedness beneath the animal hide Despair of their silence, all those secrets withheld   Examine my paintings by electric light Dream them by the flicker of fire   Look closely at the hand Pressed there...

posted on: Jun 03 2017


Clouds converge Suspended Oblivious No rush to rearrange Slow and easy in a Dreamy drift All my talk of storm Ignored Electric words, just noise Now wait And watch the violet sky Fall Crush And grind until Every tender piece Breaks, drifts away Borne aloft by a rush of wind                            ...

posted on: May 17 2017

“What Nell Dreams”

originally published in Squawk Back On Monday it’s about a horse. The eyes are remarkably kind, shy, even flirty under their thick veil of lashes. She looks at Nell from the side, sticking her large soft muzzle over the fence to nudge at her outstretched hand....

posted on: May 10 2017

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Read Literary Fiction

      Let me take a moment and talk a little bit about genre. This is essentially a marketing idea, a guide to where you might find the books you like to read in your favorite bookstore. What are you drawn to? Mystery? Romance? Historical novels set...

posted on: Mar 26 2017

Preview of WOMEN WITHIN, releasing in September, 2017

Women Within is a novel in three parts, each devoted to one main character. Part One presents Constance Maynard, currently an elderly resident at the Lindell Retirement home in Upstate New York. She is cared for by Eunice and Sam (short for Samantha). Part Two...

posted on: Feb 28 2017

Moving Out & Moving On

After thirty years of living in our charming, leaning, creaky-floored Victorian, we’re moving on. Seattle has become too crowded for us, too busy and loud. It’s a city for younger people who don’t mind hauling groceries down the block because their parking spot vanished while...

posted on: Jan 03 2017

Bree’s Miracle – from BY THE WAYSIDE

Purchase here BREE’S MIRACLE Bree had a female complaint. Bad periods, I mean this girl could really bleed. Started at age eleven, would probably be pushing sixty when she quit, lots and lots of Advil on board, not to mention all the Kotex she could run through in...

posted on: Oct 19 2016

Swallowed By The City

My favorite childhood story, The Little House, both warmed and saddened me. How sweetly it first stood there, on its grassy knoll, how tragically it was swallowed by urban sprawl. The house was ultimately moved to a new open space where it could be happy....