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posted on: Apr 28 2021

Two Poems in Honor of National Poetry Month – April 2021

if the sky won't have me originally published in FEED issue 2.2   the rain makes a river of the road rushing rivulets, eddies all aswirl   it goes where gravity takes it & gathers in a low point, getting deeper & wider as the storm fails to relent   i step into the river, reluctantly...

posted on: Mar 24 2021

My Father Wanted Sons

MY FATHER WANTED SONS My feminism began with my father, who wanted sons. Had I been one he’d have named me Paul after my mother’s father, or Bruce, after no one he knew. He must have liked the sound alone, the angry strength of it, harking...

posted on: Mar 16 2021

Call Yourself A Writer

originally published in Women Writers, Women's Books I recently took part in a virtual author event with two other women writers. Let me say how much I have come to appreciate the magic of Zoom video conferencing, aside from not having a paid account which meant...

posted on: Feb 20 2021

In the Beginning

My first short story was written on brown paper using a second-hand Underwood typewriter I picked up at an antiques store. I felt so writerly, perched on my stool at my kitchen counter, banging away. My husband was studying for the bar exam and had...

posted on: Dec 13 2020

a winter night – chapter one

Chapter One It’s all about family, Angie tells the Greens. An elderly dementia patient can experience significant anxiety on their bad days. Love and support go a long way. The staff at Lindell is wonderful, in fact, they were given an award by the National Alzheimer’s...

posted on: Jul 12 2020

Revising—A Primer

  First drafts are rotten little beasts. They just don’t behave. They do what they want, and give you lots of lip in the bargain. Revising tames the beast and can, with work, make a beauty. So how do we affect this glorious transformation? First, we drop the hyperbole...

posted on: Jul 12 2020

My Other Keyboard

Staying home means finding ways to stay happy and sane. Even with cold summer weather, there’s the garden; another book to read; not to mention another one to write. But sometimes I need to get away from pages and screens and stretch my brain another...

posted on: May 16 2020

Girl With The Broken Back

originally published in Feminine Collective See how she scuttles across the floor The cold tile numbs, then burns Her palms, knees, shins All portions of flesh pressed on The harder thing—the hardest thing Not cursed yet— —Soon Then there’s this back The thing that holds her together The thing she’s built around Grew up around Now crushed...

posted on: Apr 01 2020

Milkman, a novel by Anna Burns

Sometimes the best books are the ones that catch your eye on a table at a small independent bookstore. We have a couple of great ones where I live in Olympia, WA, though they’re closed these days, like just about everything else. The last time...