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Author:Anne Leigh Parrish

posted on: Mar 23 2018

Why We Need Woman-Driven Stories

originally published in Book Riot A happy statistic I read recently is that women, especially older, educated women, buy more books a year than men. This confirms that women are good—and essential—readers. As fictional subjects, they’re also well-represented. Women in both novels and screenplays often face...

The Amendment by Anne Leigh Parrish
posted on: Mar 03 2018

The Amendment – Chapter One

    Coming June 2018, from Unsolicited Press     chapter one   At first, Lavinia thought Mel was joking. Mel was never not joking. That rubber snake in the freezer last Christmas, during their annual open house. Her husband, Chip, knew he'd put it there. He also knew how Lavinia felt...

posted on: Feb 13 2018

The First Time

originally published in New Pop Lit Do you remember the first time? How the light from that candle seemed to brighten even as the rain fell harder against the pane? It was our first night away together, and the thrill of the cheat was offset by our guilt....

posted on: Feb 08 2018

Good Boy

originally published in Sand Hill Review   Of course, he hadn’t meant to. No man in his right mind would utter the name of a former lover while having sex with his wife. Diane paused for the briefest moment after he whispered, “Nina.” She must have heard. Why else...

posted on: Jan 25 2018

Three Poems

originally published January 1, 2018 in Volume 3, Issue 1 of MockingHeart Review   Deluge The white horse grays in the deluge Beneath of the limbs of an evergreen The red-handed woman waves me down She wears no coat against the cold, her rubber sandals Are what you slip on to fetch...

posted on: Nov 15 2017

Hearing the Muse

  Americans are practical people. We think about profit and loss, success and failure, maximizing our utility, avoiding diminished returns. We’re healthy Capitalists. We live for the business model of constant, steady growth. We seek profits at every turn. What if you’re an artist? Or someone for...

posted on: Oct 03 2017


    Originally published in New Pop Lit SHELTER The party was at Jackson’s place, at the end of an unpaved road, on the eastern tip of the island. In good weather, it was a forty-five-minute drive from town. The weather wasn’t good. The rain had fallen for three days, sometimes turning lighter, even...

posted on: Sep 10 2017

Caregivers – Playing a Crucial Role, Yet Held in Low Esteem

Originally published September 5, 2017 in The Caregiver Space Though it has many settings, and spans many decades, my new novel, Women Within, takes place primarily in a retirement home. The three main characters in the book, a ninety-four-year-old woman who slips back and forth through the...

posted on: Aug 29 2017

On Writing the Secrecy and Shame of Women

  This article originally appeared August 23, 2017 in Book Riot In the middle of my life, I learned that two women I was close to kept deep secrets. At my mother-in-law’s funeral, an old friend of hers approached to tell my husband that he had a...

posted on: Jul 08 2017


Find me deep in this cave Dusted with time Pull my bones from the earth   Arrange them with care Grant them nakedness beneath the animal hide Despair of their silence, all those secrets withheld   Examine my paintings by electric light Dream them by the flicker of fire   Look closely at the hand Pressed there...