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Author:Anne Leigh Parrish

posted on: Jan 08 2020

A Typical Writing Day

This essay originally appeared in my (small press) writing day   I come into my office each morning with one goal—to calm the chaos in my head. I don’t sleep well these days, probably my body telling me I need fewer hours in the sack—and what I’m...

posted on: Dec 22 2019

Why We Need Perry Mason Now More Than Ever

originally published in Medium|culture   I used to watch Perry Mason on television a lot when I was a kid. I loved the edgy black-and-white film; the unlikely plots; the relentless drive for truth. Not to mention the cars. What ten year-old girl immersed in rerun after...

posted on: Dec 01 2019

You Made The World

originally published in Feminine Collective   Agony—a gone knee Can’t bend—no way to mend This isn’t about aging—maybe about raging What stops the crazy rhyme-time? Unplug the clock Blind its ruby face Tear your eyes out if you must Choke on dust There I go again, too easy This lilting rhythm and sound Trapped by the jazzy...

posted on: Oct 22 2019

Book Publishing – A Few Things I’ve Learned

This essay also appeared in The Startup on Medium   In the fall of 1985 I sat down at an ancient typewriter and called myself a writer. I wrote short stories, one after another, and nine years later published my first one. Eventually I collected the best...

posted on: Sep 14 2019

when a cliché

originally published in Q/A Poetry   when a cliché, she’s wily, cunning, crazy as a fox in her foxy coat made slyly of her own fur   when not, she escapes the brush, crosses the road, cut by hunger’s knife to seek the fleeing prey   when a cliché, the a gentleman farmer slows his late-model rig to spare her thieving life, impatient then for...

posted on: Sep 02 2019

Maggie’s Ruse – First Three Chapters

coming October 1st from Unsolicited Press chapter one The floor creaked whenever Maggie shifted her weight. The Jimmy Choo stiletto pumps were killing her. Their cherry red leather called her name in the SoHo shoe boutique only an hour before, just after Kyle’s text message urged her...

posted on: Aug 24 2019

By the Wayside

  She’s a woman who discards anything which causes sorrow or blocks her path. A man she cares for does both, and she leaves him. She takes only what she really values, an old set of books, a few china plates of her mother’s, an abstract...

posted on: Aug 21 2019

Sailing Off The Edge of The World

originally published in 34THParallel Magazine   All my life I knew one day I’d sail off the edge of the world Into the mouth of a smiling dragon That’s me on that painted Medieval ship Canvas billowing Men pulling the ropes in terror STOP! But the world is flat & the wind has...

posted on: Jul 18 2019

Maggie’s Ruse, Chapter Two

coming October 2019 from Unsolicited Press read Chapter One here   Josh faked a lingering outrage over Maggie’s ruse. He was a sensitive person, he said. Such base manipulation was unworthy of anyone who claimed to be an artist. Marta sympathized. Her eyes smoldered with fury. He loved...