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Coming March 2021

A Winter Night

A novel by Anne Leigh Parrish

…a poignant and powerful novel that delves deep into the meaning of trust, understanding and forgiveness. – Jacob Appel, author of Millard Salter’s Last Day

Nominated for the 2021 PEN/Faulkner Award

What Nell Dreams

A novella & stories by Anne Leigh Parrish

In What Nell Dreams, a masterful collection of sixteen short stories and a novella, Anne Leigh Parrish once again paints the lives of ordinary human beings in all of their poignancy, magic and verve. – Jacob M. Appel, author of Einstein’s Beach House.

Finalist, Literary Fiction, 2020 American Fiction Awards

2020 Eric Hoffer Grand Prize Short List

Honorable Mention, General Fiction Category, 2020 Eric Hoffer Award

Maggie’s Ruse

A novel by Anne Leigh Parrish

In the spirit of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors and David Swift’s The Parent Trap, Anne Leigh Parrish’s rollicking fourth novel, Maggie’s Ruse, grapples with the consequences of mistaking one identical twin for the other. – Jacob Appel, author of Millard Salter’s Last Day

The Amendment by Anne Leigh Parrish

Finalist, Literary Fiction Category, 2018 International Book Awards

The Amendment

A novel by Anne Leigh Parrish

A beautifully written story about a new widow’s struggle to wrap her mind around her husband’s death by setting off on a cross-country journey in search of she knows not what. Parrish’s prose is eloquent yet crisp, moving the story along quickly. The Amendment is at times funny, quirky and endearingly touching. A delightful must-read, sure to take its place among today’s top literary fiction! – Michelle Cox, author of The Henrietta and Inspector Howard Series

Finalist, Literary Fiction Category, 2017 Best Book Awards

Women Within

A novel by Anne Leigh Parrish

Relevant and expertly arranged, this novel is composed of stirring and sympathetic trials and tribulations. A finely crafted tale of three outcast women, their struggles, and their lives.  – Foreword Reviews


Finalist, Short Story Category, 2017 International Book Awards

By the Wayside

Stories by Anne Leigh Parrish

Marvelous. Honest. Generous. From the first story to the last, By the Wayside catches your attention and demands that you give into its every whirl. Each character unfolds with a precision that will have you wondering how Parrish managed to create such real-to-the-bones people within a world that captivates you with ease. – Unsolicited Press

Winner, Literary Fiction, 2015 Book Of The Year Award

Finalist, Literary Fiction Category, 2014 International Book Awards

What Is Found, What Is Lost

A novel by Anne Leigh Parrish

Anne Leigh Parrish’s fine debut novel, What Is Found, What Is Lost, is a moving and graceful tale that delves deeply into the histories of two sisters, Freddie and Holly. The women reinvent their lives and fortunes as adults, but despite new identities, find they must learn to navigate the complex network of family ties and family lies that bind them together. Parrish, in clear, deft prose, explores the meaning of motherhood, faith, loyalty, and tenderness; effortless, she carries her readers through four generations of one family’s checkered history of love. – Mary Akers, author of Bones Of An Inland Sea

Finalist, Short Story Category, 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Finalist, Short Story Category, 2013 Best Books Awards

Finalist, Literary Fiction Category, 2013 Best Books Awards

Finalist, Short Story Category, 2013 International Book Awards

Our Love Could Light the World

Stories by Anne Leigh Parrish

Parrish weaves linked, darkly humorous tales of aging, death, love and alcoholism using the gothic tropes of Southern literary fiction. A successful collage of linked stories set in a rich, dysfunctional world. – Kirkus Reviews

Silver Medal, Short Story Category, 2012 IPPY Awards

All the Roads That Lead From Home

Stories by Anne Leigh Parrish

Anne Leigh Parrish has written a collection of stories that deserve a place on the shelf next to Raymond Carver, Tom Boyle, Richard Bausch, and other investigators of lives gone wrong. Parrish writes with painful clarity about marriages turned sour, children at war with their parents, women drifting from one damaging relationship to another, and about unexpected acts of generosity-an impoverished woman giving her battered piano to a priest who had befriended her, a schoolgirl who bribes a boy to pretend an interest in an overweight classmate, then finds that her kindness has disastrous consequences. These are potent and artful stories, from a writer who warrants attentive reading. C. Michael Curtis, Fiction Editor, The Atlantic Monthly

About Anne Leigh Parrish

Poet and writer, Pacific Northwest

Since 1982, Anne Leigh Parrish has called the Pacific Northwest Home. A native of the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, Anne spent her high school years in Princeton, New Jersey, and then made her way west.

Anne graduated from the University of Colorado, then moved once more to Seattle to attend graduate school at the University of Washington. After earning her MBA, Anne realized her first and only love was writing, which she has pursued relentlessly for many years…

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